An evening with Cliff Simon
Simon Says!

Spend an evening with Cliff Simon, a cross between Woody Allen and Julia Child, as he romps through the stories of his life. Discover the true meaning of "I feel your pain" as he gives you the lowdown on . . .

--- His Jewish mother Lil, who does not believe in "waste" in such a big way, that she saved everything from his circumcision, and presented it to him on his Bar Mitzvah.

Diana Ross, who flew him to Switzerland (to torture him).

Liberace, whose hair sparkled even though his boxer shorts didn't.
Cliff in Switzerland

The Book: They Ate My Cake by Cliff Simon
"They Ate My Cake"
This Jewish Spalding Gray gives neuroses a fresh face, as he lets loose about life and guilt, growing up fat and ending up thin, being raised Jewish and winding up . . . Jewish. Lewis and Clark did the West, Cliff did the cakes.

He's worked through all of his problems, but that concerns him: Being so perfect, where is the meaning in life? Laugh at his failures as he discovers that yesterday's nervous breakdown is funny dinner conversation tonight. And learn why dessert made him spiritual. If you haven't ever prayed over a cake, it's time you did.
"If it were up to me, I'd get copies of his hysterical book (They Ate My Cake) and give one to every patient in the hospital. Nothing heals like laughter."       Radiologist Sandy Saidman

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